Group Equipment

1st Stittsville Scout Group maintains an extensive collection of equipment, which supports the operation of Group and Section level activities. The page provides 1st Stittsville Scouters with the necessary information for locating, maintaining, borrowing and returning Group equipment.

Group and Section Quartermasters

1st Stittsville equipment is managed by the Group Quartermaster. This 1st Stittsville Scout Leader is responsible for maintaining all equipment as well as an up-to-date inventory of items.

The Group Quartermaster is assisted in their responsibilities by four Section Quartermasters, who support the equipment needs of the individual sections (i.e. Colony, Pack, Troop, Company). The Group and Section Quartermasters keep the keys for the Group Stores. Scout Leaders may not gain access to the Group Stores unless they are accompanied by one of the Quartermasters. The Quartermasters will ensure that all equipment is properly signed-out, and returned in a clean and properly maintained condition.

Leaders should contact their Section Quartermaster to sign-out and return equipment. In the event that they cannot reach their Section Quartermaster, they may also contact the Group Quartermaster:

You can send an email to the 1st Stittsville Quartermasters by  Clicking Here.

Stores Guidebook

A detailed description of the Group Equipment policies is available in the 1st Stittsville Stores Guidebook.  This document describes Quartermaster roles, equipment planning for camps, procedures for borrowing equipment and year-end reconciliation procedures. All 1st Stittsville Scouters should review and understand this document.

Equipment Inventory Lists

The Group Quartermaster maintains an accurate inventory of all 1st Stittsville equipment. This inventory is maintained online, in the documents listed below.

  • Hard Equipment Inventory List – valuable assets identified and tracked with indelible serial numbers (e.g. tents, stoves, lanterns, canoes, etc.)
  • Soft Equipment Inventory List – re-usable equipment which because of its value or nature, does not need to be individually identified by a serial number (e.g. games, crafts, signs, tables, rope, flags)
  • Group Consumables Inventory List – leftover material from past camps and activities which are available to be re-used (e.g.  garbage bags, cleaning material, soap, bleach, etc)

These inventory lists identify all of the Group’s equipment, including photos, serial numbers, storage location within equipment stores and borrower information for signed-out items. Leaders are encouraged to view these documents when planning camps and other Scouting activities.

Group and Section Quartermasters keep this inventory list up-to-date throughout the scouting year.  In addition, a full Inventory Reconciliation activity occurs each June to inspect all equipment, identify equipment to be replaced and repaired and the ensure that all inventory lists are updated and accurate.

Borrowing and Returning Equipment

All Group equipment that is removed from the Stores (camping and non-camping) area must be signed out using the Borrowing Agreement Sign-out Form.  This form is also required when equipment is returned to Stores after the completion of an activity.

Borrowing Equipment:  Before each activity, leaders should browse the Group Equipment inventory, and complete a Borrowing Agreement Sign-Out Form listing all of the items they wish to borrow. They should then contact their Section Quartermaster to arrange a time to pick up the equipment. During the pick-up, the Section Quartermaster will ensure that the form is fully and accurately completed, and will use the form to immediately update the on-line Equipment Inventory Lists.

Returning Equipment:  It is essential that equipment is immediately returned following an event, to ensure that it is available for other leaders to use.  Leaders should contact their Section Quartermaster to arrange a time to return borrowed equipment. The Section Quartermaster will inspect all equipment before it is accepted back, to confirm that equipment is properly cleaned, packed, and returned to the correct storage location in stores. The Quartermaster may refuse to accept returned equipment until it is properly cleaned and properly stored.  The Borrowing Agreement Sign-out Form will be updated with the date an item is returned and the name of the person who inspected and accepted the equipment. The Section Quartermaster will take the form home and immediately update the on-line Equipment Inventory lists.

Group Stores

All equipment is stored at the 1st Stittsville Group Stores facility, both inside the building and in storage containers behind the building.  Within the building, each room contains labelled shelves, with equipment assigned to specific locations. The items within each room and their corresponding shelf locations are posted outside of each room, as well as in the on-line Inventory lists. Borrowing Agreement Sign-out Forms, the 1st Stittsville Stores Guidebook and Quartermaster contact information are also posted at the Stores facility.

 Important Document and Forms

Contact Us

For further information, please send an email to the 1st Stittsville Quartermasters by Clicking Here.