Rocket Night

Rocket Nights have been a Stittsville Scouting tradition for the last decade plus. It is an opportunity for the youth to build their very own rockets and launch them (the rockets, not the youth) soaring into the evening sky.

Check out the view from the Rocket Cam

What is Rocket Night?

  • Entry level (level 1) rockets are fun and easy to build either at home or during a meeting.
  • Outside activity on launch night – open field, no rain, and no or little wind
  • Scouter Kevin provides the training, launching equipment, general supervision & safety


Rocket Launching Details

  • late April/early May Activity – exact dates TBD.
  • a chance for Colony / Sparks to come out and watch as a linking event.
  • very dependent on weather (wind & rain) and frequently re-scheduled


Rockets can be:

  • easy @ approx. $15/each (includes rocket kit & two motors)
  • more complicated (cost would be higher for more complex kits) for Venturers
  • easily lost in the forest Emoji


Additional Information:

  • For additional information, please send an email to: