1st Stittsville Cub Scouts


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Cubs is for youth (boys and girls) from ages 8-10 yrs old. In Cubs, youth learn about the world around them, fair play, respect for themselves and others (peers and adults), and about their community. Youth are in Cubs for 3 years and over the course of those three years they focus on the following areas: The Natural World, The Outdoors. Creative Expression, Health and Fitness, Home and Community and Canada and the World.

Cubs start learning skills such as how to use a pocket knife safely, building projects out of wood, using a compass, and how to start a campfire. Youth will get outside to enjoy hikes, campfires and overnight camping trips and can include activities such as snow shoeing, skating, tobogganing, and swimming.  Cubs explore the world around them by going on field trips anywhere from a local Veterinarian’s clinic to a National Museum. Sometimes guests are brought into a meeting to share their knowledge with a youth, such as a Police Officer or an Inuit Elder.

Cubs help their community by participating in food/money drives for the Stittsville Food Bank, by planting trees and spring cleaning local parks. Cubs play games, sing songs and learn skits. They are organized into small groups through which they begin to learn team and leadership skills. Cubs also work independently to earn badges (45 to choose from) and awards (4). Cubs learn how to take care of themselves in particular, how to be safe while enjoying the outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Cubs will make new friends, learn new skills and enjoy the outdoors so come and have fun with the Pack!

Want to join the fun?  Visit our registration section to learn more.

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