1st Stittsville Beaver Scouts


If you are looking for opportunities to teach your son or daughter about being a responsible member of the community, having them develop leadership skills, learn about teamwork and the outdoors all while having fun, Beavers is the program for you. From starting as a brown tail to blue tail them finally as a white tail, your child will grow with the program and in the last year become a tenderpad, before moving up to Cubs.

With the Stittsville group there are two camping weekends, one in the fall and one in the spring. The camps are a chance for the Beavers to get to know each other, participate in outdoor games, hikes, activities and campfires. As a parent, you can enjoy some time away from busy schedules and focus on spending some one-on-one time.

Throughout the three year Beaver program, your child will participate in events like Apple Day and 2 Food Drives, Remembrance day ceremonies, Christmas parades, teaching them importance of giving back about out what being part of the Stittsville community is all about.

Other activities include sleepovers at Cosmic Adventures, the Canadian Tire Centre, and many of Ottawa’s museums, something they would not be able experience through any other youth program. All of these events involve learning activities, crafts, and time to have fun with their fellow Beavers.

The year is also filled with activities such as Beaver Buggy building, rocket launches, and hikes through regular weekly programming. Visiting the local fire and police department, library, local landfill site are all part of Beavers and offer a unique chance for your child to learn about how these services help.

As a parent, getting involved in Stittsville Scouting is both rewarding and fun. Leaders are all volunteers and have typically have children in the Beaver’s program and with their participation, the program is able to deliver high quality programming and the kids win by having role models to look up to. If you are considering Beavers for your child, consider becoming a volunteer leader as well.

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