Welcome to the 2019 Scouts Popcorn fundraising campaign!

As many of you are aware, selling popcorn is 1st Stittsville Scouts’ only organized fundraiser each year. 60% of the money raised goes back into Scouting, with 46% of the total sales going directly to 1st Stittsville Scout Group, to support programs, camps and other activities throughout the year.

Nationwide, did you know that around  $6 million dollars worth of Scout Popcorn was sold during the 2018 Scout Popcorn campaign? That amounts to over $3.6 million raised to directly support great Scouting adventures for youth across the country. Scout Popcorn also helped fund the No One Left Behind (NOLB) program, allowing over 3,000 Canadian youth from economically marginalized families to benefit from Scouting.

Scout Popcorn is not only about funding great adventures; it also helps us achieve our Mission of developing well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. Through selling Scout Popcorn, Scouting youth develop self-confidence by learning valuable life and business skills in marketing, strategy development, financial responsibility, project management.

Youth who sell more than $150 of Popcorn will receive a $40 refund from their registration fees.

To get started, youth will receive an envelope and order form from their Section Popcorn Coordinator.

For further popcorn program details (products, prices, etc.) see the Scouts Canada popcorn website.

Selling Incentives (from Scouts Canada)

Post-Secondary Scholarship Program (provided by Trail’s End) – Youth who sell $2,500 in popcorn will receive 6% of their total sales invested into their own post-secondary scholarship account. Youth only need to hit the $2,500 mark once and 6% of their sales each year following will be added to their account.

Level 1: Youth who raise $3,000 and above will receive one large adventure box and a $150 Visa gift card. They will also qualify for the Scout Popcorn post-secondary scholarship.

Level 2: Youth who raise $2,500-$2,999 will receive one large adventure box and a $100 Visa gift card. They will also qualify for the Scout Popcorn post-secondary scholarship.

Level 3: New this year, youth who raise $1,500 to $2,499 will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

Selling Incentives (from 1st Stittsville Group, in addition to those offered by Scouts Canada)

In addition, 1st Stittsville Scout Group is offering the following prizes, as an extra incentive for the top sellers in Stittsville.
  • Group prizes for each of the 3 scouting levels:  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts/Venturers
    • #1 in sales at each level will receive $75.
    • #2 in sales at each level will receive $50.
    • ALL youth who hit $150 in total sales will be entered into a draw to win a $25 dollar gift certificate.   One draw per level.
  • Group prize for each section
    • #1 in highest sales for each section will receive a special Popcorn Necker

Beaver aged youth are asked to approach friends and family, and if parents are comfortable, Beavers are also encouraged to canvas some local streets in their neighborhood. Cubs, Scouts and Venturers are asked to canvas 2 or more streets in their neighborhood.

We will not be assigning streets to youth. Instead, we have set up an online Street Selection tools on our website which parents and youth must use to select the streets they wish to canvas.

To ensure that multiple people do not cover the same streets, please only canvas the streets which you have successfully selected on the website. Please select at most 2 streets at a time. Once you complete selling on your 2 streets, you may return to the website and select 2 more.

Popcorn Street Selection Tool

All cheques should be payable to your Section’s bank account. Contact your Section Popcorn Coordinator for when orders are due back for your Section.

If you have any questions about our Popcorn campaign or require any assistance, please 1) contact your Section Popcorn Coordinator (or Section Leader), or 2) send an email to popcorn@stittsvillescouts.org.