Leader Outdoor Skills Training

Several 1st Stittsville Scout Leaders and Venturer youth will be conducting Outdoor Skills training for new and returning leaders:

Date:  Saturday September 19, 2105 (Rain Date:  Sunday September 20)
Location:  1st Stittsville Firepit (Corner of Stittsville Main and Abbott Streets)
Time:  8:00 am – 3:00 pm

These sessions will be informal, hands-on and interactive, covering the skills that Leaders require to safely teach and supervise our youth at camps.  Attending these session is a great way to prepare for our Fall Camp in October.

All  Leaders are invited to participate. We especially welcome and encourage our new Leaders to attend.  Experienced leaders who are already trained in these skills are not required to attend.

Schedule (approximate times)

8:00     Fire Building (Instructor:  Christopher F)
9:00     Stoves and Lantern (Instructor:  Jean-Marc M)
10:00   Knives and Knife Safety (Instructor:  Kevin C)
11:00   Campfire Chief and Songs (Instructor: Rich K)
12:00   Campfire Cooking (Instructor:  Brian G)
1:00     Lunch
1:30    Knots and Lashing (Instructor:  Fred K)

What to Bring

Participants should bring the following items:

  • Full water bottle
  • Bring your own Mug
  • Lunch (e.g. Sandwich)
  • Lawn Chair
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather.  We will be outside all day.


Please complete the form below to register for these session.  This is important to ensure we bring enough equipment and snacks,

Session Details

Fire Building:  This session covers various techniques that youth and leaders can use for building fires.  It includes safety precautions and various fire building techniques, including matches, flint and strikers, no-trace fires and cooking fires.

Stoves and Lanterns :  The material covered in this session is suitable and recommended for all Leaders, but is mandatory knowledge for all Troop and Company Leaders.  It provides a brief introduction to different types of stoves and lanterns, but focuses primarily on the Coleman naptha stoves and lanterns that are used by Scout youth.  Topics include fueling, lighting, safety procedures and simple repairs that can be completed at camp.

Knives and Knife Safety:  This hands-on session covers the basic requirements for Cubs and Scouts to earn their Knife Permits.  Knife safety, types of knives, techniques for teaching youth, and hands-on practice are covered in this session.

Campfire Chief and Songs:  This session teaches the basic components of a Scouting campfire and will teach you the step required to plan and run a successful campfire with your youth.  We will be running a short campfire program to teach you some of the the songs, skits and cheers that you can use when running your own campfires.

Campfire Cooking:  This session several innovative and easy ways to prepare campfire meals, including tin-foil meals, interesting deserts and dutch-oven cooking.  It will give you some ideas to try at your next camp or firepit visit.

Knots and Lashing :  This hands-on session introduces participants to a few essential knots that can be used for most outdoor activities. These are the basic knots that Leaders should be teaching to Cubs and Scout aged youth. After mastering the basic knots, participants will learn lashing skills, and have an opportunity to practice with an interesting construction project.