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    [size=150:364be95a]A collection of one liners to keep kids interested and add some fun and excitement into a meeting, event, or campfire.[/size:364be95a]




    1hosxm8l]Leader 1:1hosxm8l] "The squirrels are after me! The squirrels are after me!"
    1hosxm8l]Leader 2:1hosxm8l] "Why on earth would squirrels be after you?"
    1hosxm8l]Leader 1:1hosxm8l] “They think I’m nuts!”



    wn3zso8f][size=150:wn3zso8f]I’m a Rabbit[/size:wn3zso8f]wn3zso8f]

    wn3zso8f]Leader 1:wn3zso8f] “Hey …ask me if I’m a Rabbit”
    wn3zso8f]Leader 2:wn3zso8f] “OK…are you a Rabbit?”
    wn3zso8f]Leader 1:wn3zso8f] “Yes, now ask me if I’m a Beaver.”
    wn3zso8f]Leader 2:wn3zso8f] “Are you a Beaver?”
    wn3zso8f]Leader 1:wn3zso8f] “No silly, I just told you I was a Rabbit!”



    3rypfkpf][size=150:3rypfkpf]New to these parts[/size:3rypfkpf]3rypfkpf]

    3rypfkpf]Leader 1:3rypfkpf] Hey …look, is that the sun or the moon?
    3rypfkpf]Leader 2:3rypfkpf] "I don’t know, I’m new to these parts too!"

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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