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    Trading Post
    • Sell Price list (1 per team + 1 per leader)
    • Buy Price list (1 per team + 1 per leader)
    • Raw materials
    • Paper Currency
    At the start of the game, each team is given the same amount of currency. They then have to decide what they are going to buy from you in order to make something to sell back to you for a profit. Most things that you buy back should result in a profit, but you should put in some items that produce no profit or even a loss.
    For example the team should buy poles and a blanket to build a simple stretcher or pen, paper and compass to produce a map of the locality, triangular bandage to demonstrate an arm sling.
    From experience, the best method to organise leaders is to allocate each leader a different theme such as pioneering, first aid, navigation, etc. These leaders can then award money, or even refuse the item, fairly depending on the quality.
    Sell some items cheaply for a limited period, or buy back some items more expensively to encourage the teams in some areas.
    Make the tasks fairly difficult and sell training to the teams. You could ask the PLs to do the training whilst the leaders ran the trading post and the APLs led the teams.
    Some time back I helped organise a trading post in which we used a computer to act as a bank. The teams started by registering their company and getting a small loan to cover the registration fee and raw materials to start. The loan was charged a high rate of interest and so the teams had to repay it as quickly as possible. To prevent the teams spiralling into debt for ever we did advise them not to ask for too big a loan and we could reduce the amount of interest charged to help some teams catch up. Once the loan was paid off a team could invest the money with the bank and earn a small amount of interest on it.
    The theme of running a company really helped the teams stay enthusiastic. Even if you don’t have access to a computer you could do the registration and book keeping by hand and advertise a very small amount of interest (which will amount to nothing).
    From: Tony Felgate; SL. 2nd Horsham, England.
    Instead of paper money we have used silver and gold wrapped sweets (silver worth 1 unit and gold worth 5). At the end of the game the six/pack gets to keep the sweets!

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