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    Night Tree Hunt
    This game can be tied in with nature lore taught earlier in the day or Black Star Requirement No. 6.
    Preparation: One of the leaders must sneak into a wooded area and tack ten numbered cards to ten trees, noting the name of each tree and its corresponding number. In the meantime another leader arranges the players in pairs, with one flashlight per pair. Each pair also needs a piece of paper and pencil.
    The hunt begins! The teams scatter and try to locate numbered trees without letting the other teams see. If players find a tree but don’t know its name they write down its number and bring in one leaf. If they think they know the correct name, they write both number and name.
    Scoring: Each team receives a point for each tree found and an additional point for each tree named correctly.
    Note: Tell the players the boundaries of the area in which the numbered trees are located. You can also set a reasonable time limit on this game depending on terrain and distance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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