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    2qshp5vt][color=green:2qshp5vt][size=167:2qshp5vt]SCOUT RESOURCES: PUTTING THE MAGIC INTO YOUR CAMPFIRE[/size:2qshp5vt][/color:2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]
    2qshp5vt][size=134:2qshp5vt][color=green:2qshp5vt]1st STITTSVILLE SCOUTS[/color:2qshp5vt][/size:2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]

    There has been lots of questions raised about how to put magic in the campfire. My belief is that there is no secret formula or receipe for creating ‘magic’ in a campfire, but rather in how the Campfire Chief conducts and communicates with the audience througout the duration of the campfire.

    I tell people that there are three”A’s”that the campfire chief needs to pay attention to. These are:
    [list:2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]Atmostphere 2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]- All about setting the mood for the campfire
    2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]Audience Engagement 2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]- Setting the expectations
    2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]Activities 2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]- What happens at the campfire.[/list:u:2qshp5vt]
    These three “A’s” can be broken down into the following elements:
    [list:2qshp5vt]Formal -vs- informal campfire activity
    Method of Entry and Exit
    Required etiquitte at the campfire
    Method of campfire ignition
    Campfire theme
    Audience participation in skits, songs, cheers
    The ‘magic’ that I tell people, are the memories that I have after having left the campfire and how fondly I recall them to others. There is a PDF file called “Campfire Magic 2009-v002″ in this forum that I use at Scout Leader conferences which talks to what I believe are essential ingredients in making the Magic In Campfires.

    There is lots of other magic that can be found at campfires – these can be in the form of songs, skits, spirituality, camp themes and stories. I have attached information to this forum as follows
    [list:2qshp5vt]Campfire program material which I have used at my own campfires
    Campfire program material which has been donated to me as I found the activities special to me[/list:u:2qshp5vt]
    I hope that the information in this forum helps you deliver that *special* campfire program that your audience will enjoy.

    2qshp5vt][u:2qshp5vt]WEB LINKS[/u:2qshp5vt]2qshp5vt]
    [list:2qshp5vt][url:2qshp5vt][/url:2qshp5vt] … tricks.htm[/list:u:2qshp5vt]
    Attachment: Campfire Magic-2009-v002.ppt
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