Popcorn 2013

It is Scouts Popcorn time!

As many of you are aware, selling popcorn is 1st Stittsville Scouts’ only organized fundraiser each year.  Approximately two thirds of the money raised goes back into Scouting, with  half of that coming directly into 1st Stittsville Scout Group, to support programs, camps and other activities throughout the year.  Youth who sell more than $120 of Popcorn will receive a $40 refund from their registration fees.

Youth will receive an envelope from their leaders, containing an information sheet and order forms.  The label on the envelope includes a unique Envelope Number, which youth and parents can use to select the streets they wish to canvas (see details below).

Youth will receive various prizes, depending on the amount of popcorn they sell.  All of these prizes are described on the order sheet, which are included in each youth’s envelope.  In addition, 1st Stittsville Scout Group is offering the following additional prizes, as an extra incentive for the top sellers in Stittsville.

  • Beaver Top Seller - Apple 16GB 7th Generation iPod Nano
  • Cub Top Seller - Apple 16GB 7th Generation iPod Nano
  • Scout/Venturer Top Seller - Hennessy Expedition Asymmetrical Hammock Tent
  • The prizes above can be traded for a $150 gift certificate
  • ALL youth who hit $120 in total sales will be entered into a draw to win a $50 dollar gift certificate.   There will be one draw at each level.

Beaver aged youth are asked to approach friends and family, and if parents are comfortable, Beavers are also encouraged to canvas some local streets in their neighborhood.  Cubs, Scouts and Venturers are asked to canvas  2 or more streets in their neighborhood.

We are changing the way streets are assigned this year.  We will not be assigning streets to youth.  Instead, we have set up an online Street Selection tools on our website which parents and youth must use to select the streets they wish to canvas.  To ensure that multiple people do not cover the same streets, please only canvas the streets which you have successfully selected on the website.  Please select at most 2 streets at a time.  Once you complete selling on your 2 streets, you may return to the website and select 2 more.  For privacy reasons, registrations will be completed using the unique number printed on each envelope, and only this number will be displayed on the website.

Popcorn Street Selection Tool 

All cheques should be payable to 1st Stittsville Scout Group and are due back to your during your regular weekly meeting, no later than October 17, 2013.