Popcorn Street Sign-Up


To avoid having multiple youth selling on the same streets, you are asked to sign-up for the streets that you wish to canvas.  Please browse through the neighborhoods and streets listed below and make you selections.

Please make at most 2 selections at a time.  Once you have completed selling on your two streets, you are welcome to come back and select 2 more.

Younger youth are encouraged to cover 1 or 2 streets.  Older youth are encouraged to cover more.

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Jonathon Pack

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Map Available Spots
Abbott West of Main : 1st Stittsville, Eagle Pack .
Andrew Alexander : Sign up »
Doraty : Sign up »
Forest Heights : Sign up »
Jonathon Pack : 1st Stittsville, Eagle Pack .
Long Meadow : Sign up »
Manchester : Sign up »
McCann : Sign up »
Stitt : Sign up »