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    To achieve this award you must complete the following:[list=1:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] Earn the PURPLE STAR. [/*:m:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] Earn a total of three of the Canada and the World related badges as follows:[list=a:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] The WORLD RELIGIONS BADGE or the RELIGION IN LIFE EMBLEM[/*:m:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] The ABORIGINAL AWARENESS BADGE or the CANADIAN HERITAGE BADGE[/*:m:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] One other badge of your choice excluding the Language Strip[/*:m:tq8nhth4][/list:o:tq8nhth4][/*:m:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] Choose a current affairs topic of your choice and follow it in the news for at least one week. Report on what had happened and how people were involved. [/*:m:tq8nhth4]
    [*:tq8nhth4] Participate in a pack meeting which highlights Canada’s role in the United Nations. [/*:m:tq8nhth4][/list:o:tq8nhth4]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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