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    Leaders who wish to participate in Wood Badge II (APP&D II) must have successfully completed Wood Badge I (BPP&P I).

    Woodbadge II is the accreditation given to Scouters who finish the “Advanced Program Planning and Delivery” course; a series of workshops designed to give introductory instruction to new leaders.

    Objectives of the Advanced Woodbadge II program focus on an advanced skills for program activities involving outdoors for weekend camps and outings and large scale program activities.

    Course Duration: 7 days

    Course content (3 key topical areas)

    • Core Basic
      • Non-section specific information for all new leaders
    • Section Specific]
      • Pertaining to each section (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers)
    • Outdoor Skills Training
      • Covers a multitude of Outdoor skills that Leaders are required to know

    Satisfactory completion of each section is mandatory before recognition and accreditation is given in the form of two wooden beads.

    Much of the Section Specific and Outdoor Section is competency based. The participant must be signed off in each category by a mentor or qualified leader before accreditation is approved.

    Woodbadge II Training is now online and can be accessed via the Scouts Canada Website

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