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    [size=150:2yej89lm]2yej89lm]Whomp’em 2yej89lm][/size:2yej89lm]

    – 1 Newspaper or stuffed hiking sock

    Scouts get in a circle facing in, with both hands, palms up, behind their backs. Scouts must be looking into the circle. One scout, with a rolled up newspaper, walks around the outside of the circle. When he chooses, he puts the newspaper into the hands of a scout, who then proceeds to "whomp" the scout to his right. The scout being "whomped" runs as fast as he can (unless he enjoys being whomped) around the circle back to his starting position. The scout now holding the newspaper walks around the outside of the circle, looking for a scout to whomp the person to his right, as above. No winners, everyone wins.
    If you play this game a lot you may want to make your own ‘baton’.We use a hiking sock half stuffed with foam and tied. This gives a good ‘whop’ sound and is light enough to ensure players do not get hurt.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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