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    Wolf Cubs are children aged eight to ten years old. Wolf Cubs is the second youngest, and most largest and most member of the Scouting family. On reaching the age of 11, the youth may move into the next Scouting section called “Troop”.

    The Scouting sections are:

    • Wolf Cub Pack: Age 8 to 10 years
    • Scout Troop: Age 11 to 13 or 14 years

    A lively and wide range of games, challenging crafts, music, storytelling, play acting, spiritual fellowship and the outdoors activities are the cornerstone of the Cub program. The Cub program is designed to further increase self-confidence, independence, self-expression and life-skills within Cub age youth.

    A large part of the Wolf Cub program is the ‘Star’ program. This program allows the youth to earn through demonstration, study and practical experience, the ability to learn through earning badges and awards which focus around six activity areas:

    • The Natural World
    • Outdoors
    • Creative Expression
    • Healthy Living
    • Home and Community
    • Canada and the World

    The Wolf Cub program places special emphasis on the ‘outdoors’ element of the this program. Throughout the each of the six activity areas; your child shall experience the joy of weekend camps in Fall, Winter and Spring, (tenting and cabins), day and night hikes all year round with focus on nature observation. Other fun activities will also include cooking, trail-craft, sporting activities, community exposure, and society activities which include aboriginal awareness, religion in life, community recycling, disabilities and communication.

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