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    [size=150:1jno3szp]1jno3szp]Turkish Woggle Knot 1jno3szp] [/size:1jno3szp]

    1jno3szp]How to make a 5 Bight 4 Lead Turkish Knot1jno3szp]

    STEP 1: Cut a length of string, 1/8 diameter poly string. A 5 bight, 4 lead two strand knot will need 2ft, whereas a three strand knot will require 3ft. Burn each end to seal the string as this will make it easier to weave the string make the knot.

    Hold string with one end under thumb and wrap string behind finger (this is called the working end of string).

    Wrap working end back up and over to the left, and bring down behind fingers.

    Bring working end up and over to the right and then tuck under middle string.

    Turn hand over and pull working end to left.

    KEY STEP. Ignore working end of string. Take left string and pull over the right string.

    KEY STEP: bring working end of string UNDER the first string and the OVER the right string.

    KEY STEP: bring working back and UNDER the right string.

    Pull working end to tighten up string. Make sure that the working falls between the two string.

    Turn hand over – your knot should look like this.

    Bring working end up and to the left and then UNDER the left string and OVER the right string.

    1jno3szp]THIS NOW COMPLETES YOUR FIRST HALF OF YOUR TURKISH KNOT.1jno3szp] Note that when you tuck the working end OVER the right string, the working end now follows the original path of the knot.


    Remove knot from fingers – work leading edge of string along 1st path of original string (path leads down).

    Work Leading end upwards to follow the path of the original string and pull string together.

    Work leading edge of string down and follow original path of string.

    Work Leading end upwards to follow the path of the original string.

    Continue to work leading end of string along original path.

    Knot is almost complete – continue to work leading end around till you have completed the second strand.

    Knot is now complete. You can end the knot, or continue to make a three strand knot by continuing to weave the working along the path of the string until complete.

    Now that you are finished, your knot is probably quite loose and larger than you desire. To tighten the knot, place over a 3/4 Inch dowel and then pull the string tight. This will require that you pull the string around the knot and you will have surplus string left over.

    When you are finished, clip both ends of the string and burn them to seal the ends. You may tuck the ends into the inside of the knot, or do as I prefer, and soak the knot in White non-toxic school glue. Smear white glue on the inside and outside of the knot and leave to dry overnight. Once dry, the knot is very strong and has good resistance to stain and wear and tear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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