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    [size=150:2mvnxhrf]2mvnxhrf]Three Coins at the Fountain (Pirates) 2mvnxhrf][/size:2mvnxhrf]

    – 7 Coins
    – 4 Chairs

    Divided the troop or pack into 4 teams, and number off each member of the team. Position 4 chairs in a square roughly 15 feet apart for the teams to wait behind. Place the 6 coins (of low values incase any get lost) in the middle of the square.
    When you call a number, a player from each team must try to get 3 coins onto the seat of their chair. They may only carry one coin at a time and must place the coins they retrieve on their chair to be easily visible. Once all the coins have disappeared from the centre they may steal coins from other players.
    Call two numbers at the same time. You may need to reduce the total number of coins to 5 if the game becomes too easy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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