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    The Stalker.
    · Nature game, outdoors.
    · Equipment: Blindfolds, stones.
    · Formation: scatter.
    Half the group is given blindfolds to wear. These players are placed in scatter formation within the boundaries of the playing area. A stone is placed between their fee, but not touching them.
    The other half of the group (the ones that can see) begin to stalk the blindfolded players in an effort to obtain the stone from between their feet. In an attempt to pinpoint a stalker, the blindfolded players may point to a sound. If a stalker is there, the two players switch positions.
    Stalkers try to collect as many stones as possible without being caught.
    The Stalker (Variation)
    · Nature game, indoors
    · Equipment: blindfolds, flashlight.
    · Formation: scatter.
    This is a terrific evening program variation to the original Stalker game. The players protecting the stone between their feet are given flashlights. When they think they know the location of a stalker, instead of pointing to him, they flash the light in the direction from where they hear the noise. Each player is given three separate ‘flashes’ of light before losing his stone to the nearest stalker

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