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    [size=150:2usdc8g1]2usdc8g1]The Flying Doughnut2usdc8g1] [/size:2usdc8g1]

    – 1 rope (length around 15′)
    – A ‘doughnut’ tied to one end of the rope to act as a weight. An old cub cap or rolled-up hiking sock is ideal.

    This is an old playground game which used to played with a long skipping rope. It works very well both with small groups and large groups. Spectating can also be quite fun so don’t worry too much about players which have been hit standing out for a few minutes.
    The players stand in a circle with the leader in the middle. The leader swings the rope and doughnut around in a large circle at around foot height. The players must jump over the rope and doughnut each revolution to avoid being hit. If they are hit (or hit several times) they are out of the game. The last people standing in the circle are the winners.

    To rotate the doughnut stand up and swing the rope, swapping it from hand-to-hand around you. As you spin the doughnut faster it may rise too high – some players may not be able to jump high enough. You can often help by crouching down or reducing the speed. Look out for players who try to stay back from the circle slightly trying to ensure that the doughnut will never reach them.

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