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    – A coin and a rag

    Telegraph is best played with atleast 10 people. The more the better. Two teams are formed of equal numbers. They sit facing each other in two lines, each team holding hands. At one end, between the two opposing teamates the rag is placed. At the other end between the two opposing teamates, you (the leader) sit. One member from each team (the ones closest to the leader)look on as the Scout leader flips a coin. The rest of the teams (except the one member closest to the Leader) must close their eyes. The leader contiues to flip the coin until "heads" is displayed. Once the members at the end of the line see Heads they squeeze the hand of the next in line and so on down the line. Once the last member feels the squeeze he/she grabs the rag. The team that gets the rag first advances. Advancing is all the members shifting. First member goes to the end of the line and everyone one else moves up one. A team wins by going through all it’s members.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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