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    From:’Scouting Games’ by Sir Robert Baden-Powell

    – Several Chairs

    Here is the description of a good game for you to play either in your clubrooms or out of doors. There are about six or nine players, and they all join hands and form a ring round some object, which will fall over if touched, such as a footstool stood upright. The players all swing round the stool and each one has to do his best to make one of the others knock the stool over as they swing round, at the same time avoiding knocking it down himself. When a boy knocks over the stool he stands out, and the game goes on until only one player remains.
    We normally play this game so that anyone who touches a chair is out. Additionally, if the circle breaks the 2 people responsible are out. It is quite a good idea to build 2 chains, one of smaller scouts and one of larger, taller scouts so that the small scouts have a better chance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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