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    [size=150:27ja8qi2]27ja8qi2]Steal the Treasure27ja8qi2] [/size:27ja8qi2]

    – 1 Set of keys
    – 1 Blindfold
    – 1 Chair (optional)

    The cubs sit in a circle around a chair. Place the keys under the chair and sit a blindfolded cub ‘guard’ on the chair. Nominate a cub to try to steal the keys without the guard noticing. If the guard hears him approaching he can point straight at the cub. He is detected and must return to his seat. Nominate another player to nominate him (pointing to nominate is best otherwise the guard may know which way the cub is approaching from). Once a cub successfully picks up the keys the guard (without blindfold) chases the villain round the circle once and back to the villain’s seat. If the villain gets back without getting caught he becomes the guard.
    To make this game work the guard must point directly at the moving cub waving an arm around in the general direction is not enough.
    Use two guards seated back to back, and more keys if group is large.

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