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    [size=150:1qyrzj6m]1qyrzj6m]Steal The Bacon1qyrzj6m] [/size:1qyrzj6m]

    – 1 Hat, scarf or some other ‘bacon’

    Divide the troop into two halves (not three halves, nor one half). Number off EACH half separately. If there are 30 boys in the troop, then you would have two groups, each numbered from 1-15. Line them up facing each other, about 30-40 feet apart. In numerical order. Place your ‘bacon’ between the lines. Now the field will look kinda like this:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    X O < == SPL or Scoutmaster 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    The idea is for a scout to go out and retrieve the object. The SM calls out a number, and each scout with that number runs out and tries to get the object and go back behind his line.
    Once the object is touched, the scout that touched the object can be tagged by the other scout. There are two ways to win a round: Either get the object and bring it behind your line without being tagged, or tag the other scout after he grabs the object and before he makes it past the line.
    Tell a story instead of just calling out numbers: "Once, THREE scouts went on a hike. They saw TWO deer and FIVE trees…".
    Call out more than one number: It usually ends up with two scouts circling the object, waiting for an opening, with the other scouts shouting, etc. If nobody makes a move, call out another number so there will be four scouts instead of two out there. As for physical builds, strength is NOT a factor in this game, but speed and planning is.
    From Mike Stolz
    We also play a variation of this game. We put 2 ‘Bacons’ out of different colors. We then read out True/False questions (often on First Aid, or from the Tenderfoot or Second Class rank requirements). When we call out a number, the boys have to make a choice – one Bacon is True, the other is False. If you grab the wrong color and take it across your line, you lose. Naturally, if you grab the wrong color and your opponent tags you, HE loses!
    From:John Castaldi chairman – troop 55 – Tuckahoe, NJ, USA)
    Instead of calling numbers, ask questions that result in a number like:
    How many leaves on poison ivy?
    How many scouts are there in the Buddy system?
    How many first aid hurry cases are there?
    How many minutes can someone survive without oxygen?
    The possibilities are endless – and it’s not just another meaningless game that is a waste of time.
    No numbers are called, True/False questions are asked of the next person in line. Good type of questions deal with First Aid, Scouting history, use of knots, just about anything dealing with Scouting, like "how far can you go into the woods?"
    Questions can slow scout’s reaction time leaving the starting position as the idea is to know whether the answer is T or F. The idea is to take the bacon of the correct answer, color of the bacon denotes the T and the F bacon. A Scout taking the correct answer bacon and returning to Home gets a point, if he is "tagged" then the other team gets the point. If a Scout takes the wrong answer bacon then the Scout from the other team doesn’t have to try and tag him. Taking the Wrong answer bacon gives the other team a point. But if the Scout takes the wrong answer bacon and IS tagged by the Scout from the other team then the Scout’s team taking the bacon gets the point even though he selected incorrectly. Two wrongs don’t make a right but I have seen older boys take the wrong one and then "slip" so that they can get caught.
    This opens up many more chance to win even if your team members are the fastest, it adds the element of knowledge into the game.

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