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    From: Travis Lauricella

    – 1 Ball

    Each scout is assigned a number between one and x, x being the number of scouts. In a circle outside (we circle around a flagpole) one person throws a ball (tennis, racquet, or similar) as high as he can, straight up, and calls out a number. The scout whose number is called catches the ball as the rest of the scouts fun away from him as fast as possible. Once the called scout catches the ball, he yells "STOP!" at which time all retreating scouts are supposed to stop dead in their tracks. (This is where the most argument comes in in this game…) The scout with the ball is allowed to take three really long steps (more like standing long jumps) so that he can get as close to the nearest scout as possible. He then attempts to hit the scout with the ball (not in the head or other vital organs). The scout being shot at is allowed to twist and bend, but may not move his feet. If the scout is hit, he gets to retrieve the ball while the rest of the scouts get back in a circle. He is also given a ‘spud’ or a point. If the scout is missed, the throwing scout chases after the ball and gets a spud. Once the ball is retrieved, the game begins again, with the number called and the ball thrown. The scout with the least number of spuds at the end of the game wins.

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