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    – 1 Felt-tip pen (non-permanent!)

    The pack sits in a circle and are given a number from 1 to n. (n=total number of players). It is easier for the cubs if the numbers are in sequence and not random. One cub (number 5) starts by saying ‘I am 5 spot and I have no spots, how many spots does number 8 have?’. Cub number 8 replies in the same manner and nominates another cub. If one of the cubs takes too long or makes a mistake he is awarded a spot which is painted on his chin or cheek. He will then have 1 spot. This game is particularly good at cub weekends or holidays since you can tell which cubs have washed properly!
    Use lip-stick instead of felt-tip pen – it gives an extra incentive for the cubs to get things right.

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