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    2ukeerht](downhill and cross-country) 2ukeerht]

    [list=1:2ukeerht][*:2ukeerht] Show how to carry poles and skis properly.[/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Show how to care for your equipment properly, including how to store it off-season.[/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Explain some rules for kids downhill ski safety , Cross-Country ski and when in the cold.[/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Put on your own skis and adjust the bindings properly. [/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Climb a hill using side-step, traverse and herringbone. [/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Snowplow straight down a hill in complete control. [/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Do right and left linked snowplow turns.[/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Describe how to get help in case of a skiing accident.[/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Explain how to dress for various types of weather. [/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Do either (a) or (b): [list=a:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Show the safe use of a rope tow, T-Bar or chair lift [/*:m:2ukeerht]
    [*:2ukeerht] Describe the emergency equipment and supplies you should carry on a cross-country ski trip[/*:m:2ukeerht][/list:o:2ukeerht][/*:m:2ukeerht][/list:o:2ukeerht]

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