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    Scouting’s principles and Mission are the foundation of all programs. The Mission outlines the primary focus of the Scouting organization; the Principles state some basic beliefs which we hold to be fundamental:


    Scouting is based on three broad principles which represent its fundamental beliefs:

    Duty to God:

    This is defined as “adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion the expresses them and acceptance of the duties resulting therefrom”.

    Duty to Others:

    This is defined as “loyalty to one’s country in harmony with the promotion of local, national and international peace, understanding and cooperation,” and “participation in the development of society, with recognition and respect for the the dignity of one’s fellow-being and for the integrity of the natural world.”

    Duty to Self:

    This is defined as the “responsibility for the development on oneself”. This is in harmony with the educational purpose of the Scout Movement whose aim is to assist young people in the full development of their potentials.

    These principles construct a “code of ethics: for how Scouting expects all members (Leaders and Youth) to conduct themselves while participating in activities.


    Scouting’s principles are put into action and focus through the Scout Canada Mission Statement:

    The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and place a constructive role in society.


    Involving youth throughout their developmental years in a non-formal educational process.

    Using methods that makes each individual the principal agent in his or her development as a self-reliant, supportive, responsible and committed person

    Helping them to establish a value system based upon spiritual, social and personal principles as expressed in the Promise and Law.

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