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    The Role of a Parent in Scouting

    Scouting is a family-based organization. Activities we offer, plus the values and skills we provide, are aimed at supporting your efforts to teach your child what is needed to become a well-rounded person. Your personal involvement is important to help reinforce the lessons your Cub learns.

    Here are some suggestions to help you become involved: [list:1q1v3n1c][*:1q1v3n1c] Sit down with your child and look through the Cub book together. What activities do you find interesting or appealing? How could you work on these activities as a family?

    • Find out what activities leaders plan to run in your child’s pack. Most leaders set aside time at the first meeting to ask Cubs what they would like to do. They draw up program plans from the children’s input.
    • Get to know leaders by their real names. Too often parents only know leaders by their “jungle” names. Leaders are truly interested in your child’s welfare. Tell them what your child likes to do. This will help them plan fun activities.
    • If your Cub is interested in working on an activity outside of the meeting, or you want to make it a family project, talk over your plans with the leaders. They can provide useful tips and tell you how well it fits into the weekly programs.
    • Your talents, hobbies and interests are great program assets worth sharing with children. Find out how you can become a resource for the pack’s programs. This will let you spend valuable time with your child and share experience. Cubs really enjoy showing off for an adult family member who attends a meeting. This sense of pride helps strengthen adult-child relations. When your child joins Cubs, you become part of the pack’s support team.
    • Become a leader. Scouts Canada offers up-to-date training and resource materials. Leadership is fun and exciting. You will be with your Cub during a special time and see him (or her) develop and grow before your eyes. As well, the friendship and camaraderie you’ll share with other parents can lead to long-lasting relationships and memories.
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