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    1klvzce8][color=red:1klvzce8][size=200:1klvzce8]LEADER POCKET PIECES: TROOP CODE OF CONDUCT[/size:1klvzce8][/color:1klvzce8]1klvzce8]
    1klvzce8][size=150:1klvzce8][color=green:1klvzce8]1st STITTSVILLE SCOUTS[/color:1klvzce8][/size:1klvzce8]1klvzce8]

    Welcome to the 1st Stittsville Scout Group “Leader Pocket Pieces” forum. Pocket Pieces are a series of checklists that leaders can use for their program activiites. Each checklist is designed to fit into the front pocket of the leader shirt, hence the name “Pocket Pieces”.

    Contained in this forum is one PDF file which contains the following:
    [list:1klvzce8]1klvzce8]Troop Code of Conduct1klvzce8]
    1klvzce8]Pack Code of Conduct1klvzce8][/list:u:1klvzce8]Each pocket piece contains a specific set of information that is designed to achieve two objectives:
    [list:1klvzce8]1. Provide a convenient, easy to use checklist of information the Scout leader can use without carrying around the leaders handbook.
    2. Quick reference material the leader can pull out of their front pocket and use at a moments notice, or provide as a reference to help another leader.[/list:u:1klvzce8]To use this pocket piece, download it and print it out. Fold it in two and use sticky tape to hold it together. Once you have used it, you can throw it away 1klvzce8](as the paper can be recycled)1klvzce8] or you can make a more permanent copy as follows:
    [list:1klvzce8]Laminating it with sticky tape
    Make a permanent copy by laminating it with 10 Mil plastic (staples)[/list:u:1klvzce8]
    1klvzce8]References: 1klvzce8][list:1klvzce8]1klvzce8]Scouts Canada Leader handbooks [url:1klvzce8]http://www.scouts.ca[/url:1klvzce8]
    Personal experience in Scout sections
    Information shared by other Scout leaders
    Attachment: Pocket-Pieces-Example-Code-Of-Conducts.pdf

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