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    Permit will be awarded after Troop Scouter is convinced that youth can safely and correctly meet permit requirements. Patrols should plan out Fire Pit meetings to practice these skills. Youth are ready to pass tests when PC feel confident enough to turn his/her back while youth are performing the skill.

    Knife Permit
    => Show safe handling techniques of folding pocket knife
    => Demonstrate sharpen of blade with sharpen block
    => Carve a useful tent peg (approx 6” long) complete with tapered point and cord notch

    Saw & Axe Permit
    => Set-up and Saw log (approx. 6” dia.)
    => Chop wood on block with axe – safe technique
    => Reduce wood to kindling with hacket – safe technique

    Fire & Match
    => Set up fire wood
    => Bring all items needed for a safe fire
    => Explain how to build a fire pit when pad or pit doesn’t exist
    => Proper use of matches – types?

    Lantern & Stove Permit
    => Set-up, fill stove, lit, bring water to boil
    => Safe handling of hot items
    => Empty tank, pack-up stove

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