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    Monkey See, Monkey Do
    This is a good outdoor campfire game. Select one player to be IT and provide him with a flashlight. Send him some distance from the campfire. Select another player to be Monkey No. 1, and then recall IT to the centre of the circle. Monkey No. 1, unseen by IT, starts some silly motions, such as making faces, ape-like scratching, crossing and uncrossing his legs, moving his arms, legs or head in a funny fashion, etc. The other ‘monkeys’ must copy Monkey No. 1 while IT tries to see who is starting it all. When Monkey No. 1 is discovered, they trade places, and a new Monkey No. 1 is picked while IT is sent away from the campfire.
    Note: Select lively players to be Monkey No. 1 as much of the success of the game depends on him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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