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    Cub Stars and Badges

    The Cub Program is structured around 6 Activity Areas, which are described in detail in The Cub Book.

    • Natural World (Black Star)
    • Outdoor Activity (Green Star)
    • Creative Expression (Tawny Star)
    • Health and Fitness (Red Star)
    • Home and Community (Blue Star)
    • Canada and the World (Purple Star)


    To encourage Cubs to actively participate and explore each Activity Area, The Cub Book defines a set of requirements in each area, which Cubs can complete to earn Stars and Badges.  Star requirements allow Cubs to get a broad understanding and experience with the corresponding Activity Area.   Badges require more detailed and focused activities, allowing Cubs to investigate specific topics within each of the activity areas.

    Detailed Star and Badge requirements are described within The Cub Book.  As Cubs complete requirements for Stars and Badges, their Leaders will validate that they completed the requirements, and will present them with their earned Stars and Badges.

    A summary of the Star and Badges is also available on the Scouts Canada web site: .  This page also provides links to the detailed requirements for each of the Stars and Badges.

    For your convenience, a view of the Scouts Canada Stars and Badges web page is embedded below:

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