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    [list=1:b1avwgf8][*:b1avwgf8] Show that you can politely give clear, simple directions to someone asking his or her way. Describe what you would do if a stranger offered you a ride of asked you to come along to show him or her how to get to a place.[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] Describe how to call for fire fighters, police or ambulance.[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] Show on a map the route of your local bus, or school bus or a direct route from your home to the centre of your community.[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] Describe how to get to the main highways around your community.[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] Describe or point out on a map the location of as many of the following as are found in your community: [list=a:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] nearest mail box or post office[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] police station[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] hospital/doctor[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] school[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] drug store[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] public telephone[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] fire station or alarm box[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] railway or bus station[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] gas station[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] hotel or motel[/*:m:b1avwgf8]
    [*:b1avwgf8] block parent [/*:m:b1avwgf8][/list:o:b1avwgf8][/*:m:b1avwgf8][/list:o:b1avwgf8]



    qhal1oa5]Here are some resources to help you earn this badge.qhal1oa5]

    Coming soon.

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