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    1ipfw0eg]Indian Lance Throwing1ipfw0eg]
    Turn slender saplings, about 4′ long, into lances with feathers for steering. Boys line up, throw lances for distance.

    1ipfw0eg]Indian Hoop Roll1ipfw0eg]
    Make hoop out of a slender branch, about 1′ diameter, by tying ends together. Weave string-work in the hoop leaving a 6" bull’s eye in the centre. Boys line up, hoop is rolled down before the line. Object is to send lance through bull’s eye in centre of string-work.

    1ipfw0eg]British Bull dog1ipfw0eg]
    One or two of the bigger players take position in centre of room, facing group. At "Go," the entire group charges and tries to reach the other side of the room or a given area, without being caught. To catch someone, the "bull dogs" in the centre must lift player off the floor long enough to yell "1-2-3 British Bull Dog." When a player is caught, he becomes a "bull dog" for the next charge. Not more than three "bull dogs" can tackle a single player. If a struggling player is not lifted completely off the floor, while the group slowly counts to ten, he is declared free for another charge. Game is run until everyone has been caught. Play safe and have players take off watches, glasses and other breakables. Last man charging the line without being caught is the winner.

    1ipfw0eg]Unbraid Race1ipfw0eg]
    Attach two or more 3′ lengths of stout cord or lightweight rope to a wall or chair. At a given signal the boys start to unbraid the rope. Fastest boy or team wins.

    1ipfw0eg]The Frog Hop1ipfw0eg]
    Draw a finish line about 25′ from the start and line the players up about 3′ apart. At "Go" they race by jumping first to the right, then to the left, then straight ahead. This procedure is followed until someone crosses the finish line.

    1ipfw0eg]Camp Golf1ipfw0eg]
    Groundsheets folded to about 3′ square represent holes and tin plates represent balls. Lay out the golf course as desired to include hedges and streams as obstacles. If a plate falls in one of these hazards it must be retrieved and carried behind the obstacle and one throw added to the player’s score. Arrange the holes some distance apart so that players do not come in contact with a skimming plate.

    1ipfw0eg]Fishing Games1ipfw0eg]
    There are an infinite variety of games that can be made from a hook, a line and a pole that will leave the contestants as breathless and open-mouthed as a fisherman’s true story.
    Fashion the hooks from coat-hanger wire, paper clips and open safety pins. Make the fish from cloth, inner tubes, cardboard, balloons, or wood. Use a cardboard carton, nail keg, barrel, or dart board for the ocean bottom or trout stream. The players can catch the "fish" by hooking them, lifting them, trapping them, or spearing them (with darts). They score by standing in the centre of a circle and casting into several different ponds, by standing on boxes or stools and trapping the fish, or by just catching as many as they can out of one "lake." Each "fish" could contain a message describing some task that a player has to perform before he can return to fish again. Or each fish could have a point value written on it; winner could be either the group or the individual player with the largest score at the end of a given period of time.

    1ipfw0eg]Fish And Net1ipfw0eg]
    Have three to five players join hands to catch "fish" by surrounding individual players. Those who are caught become a part of the "net." The last five fish caught make up the net for the new game.

    1ipfw0eg]The Christmas Card Game1ipfw0eg]
    Take a set of old Christmas cards (about three times as many cards as there are players) and cut each card into two pieces, making two sets of half-cards so that each half-card in one set has its counterpart in the other. Some of the cards should be cut so that the halves are easy to spot as belonging to each other (e.g., by cutting vertically down the middle of a coloured picture of a vase of flowers), and others should be made difficult to spot (e.g., by cutting along the horizon of a seascape). Distribute one set of half-cards all over the room (they should be visible but not necessarily obvious). Give one half-card from the other set to each player and keep the "pool" in your hand. On the word "Go" all the players try to find the other half of the piece that you have given them and bring it to you. Every player finding a pair that match is given a fresh half-card from the "pool" until there are none left. When all have finished, the group with the largest number of paired pieces wins.

    1ipfw0eg]A Christmas Telegram1ipfw0eg]
    Have everyone write down the word Christmas leaving a space after each letter. Then allow ten minutes for all players to compose a telegram, the first word beginning with C, the next with H, the third with R and so on. The first word should be the name of the person to whom the telegram is sent, the last word the name of the sender. The players then read out their own attempts in turn, the winner being the one who has composed the most original.
    Variation–Christmas Dinner
    Give each group a piece of paper with CHRISTMAS written vertically down the side and tell them that after each letter they must write the name of some article that could be found on the table at Christmas dinner–and both run for the ball. The one reaching it first kicks it and runs for a hiding place. The other player is "It" and must return the ball and search.

    1ipfw0eg]Bowling On The Green1ipfw0eg]
    Play this game on a smooth, close-cut lawn. Croquet balls or wooden balls made especially for this game may be used. Each player has two of these balls, called "bowls." A smaller ball is called the "jack." The first player bowls the jack out on the lawn and the bowls are bowled at it in turn. The jack and the bowls may be moved by being hit in play. A bowl touching the jack scores three points. The nearest bowl to the jack scores one point. If two bowls bowled by the same player are nearest the jack, two points are scored.

    1ipfw0eg]Every Man In His Own Corner1ipfw0eg]
    Everybody selects a corner. If there are not enough corners or trees, players can make corners by drawing two lines at right angles on the ground or floor. Any player may start the game by leaving his corner. A second player chases him and a third may chase them both and a fourth may chase the three, etc. In other words, a player may tag any one who preceded him in leaving a corner, but cannot tag a play who left after he did.
    When a player is caught his "captor" leads him by the arm to the "Captor’s Corner," and while doing so he is not subject to capture. When the two players reach the corner they become team-mates and work together to capture others. At the end of the game, the player who has the greatest number of captives is the winner.

    1ipfw0eg]Ring The Bottle1ipfw0eg]
    Place a number of bottles on the floor and let several boys play at one time. Each boy has a "fishing-rod" consisting of a cane or pole and string; on the end of the string is a brass curtain ring. The first one to get his ring over the neck of a bottle wins.

    1ipfw0eg]Paper Bag Masks1ipfw0eg]
    Each player is equipped with a large paper bag that will fit over his head and a crayon. Players place bags over their heads and attempt to draw a face on the bag. Eyes, nose, mouth, mustache, etc. After all are finished, points are awarded for the funniest face.

    1ipfw0eg]Squat Tag1ipfw0eg]
    One person is chosen to become "It." The players scatter around the room and "It" tries to tag them. The players may become safe from being tagged by assuming a squatting position. When "It" is not close by, they stand up and run again. Each player may use this method of escape three times, and then may escape only by running. If "It" retreats five steps from a player who has escaped by assuming the squatting position, and then returns, the player must run or is liable to be tagged. Anyone who is tagged becomes "It" and the game continues.

    1ipfw0eg]Do This, Do That1ipfw0eg]
    Players can be in spread-out relay formation, or in a circle three or four deep–so that all the boys can see the game leader. Leader says, "Do this." and touches his nose, claps his hand or some other action. All players must repeat his action. Suddenly saying, "Do that," he performs an action. No player must move on a "Do that" action. If a player misses, instead of dropping out of the game, have him squat and count to twenty-five and re-enter the game.
    Variation: When a player misses, have him run to a designated spot, touch something or do a somersault and run back to re-enter the game.

    1ipfw0eg]Bawl Game1ipfw0eg]
    Player who makes the most noise for a given period of time wins.

    1ipfw0eg]Hammer Throw1ipfw0eg]
    Participants hold an inflated balloon tied to the end of a string. Each player throws the "hammer" by the end of the string. The one throwing the farthest wins.

    1ipfw0eg]Fifty-Yard Swim1ipfw0eg]
    Players hop on one foot carrying a glass of water. The first one over the finish line with the most water in his glass wins.

    1ipfw0eg]Discus Throw1ipfw0eg]
    Players lie on their backs and throw a shoe over their heads with both feet. Another method is to throw a paper pie plate from a chalk line. The plate should be held flat in the hand rather than sailed with thumb and fingers.

    1ipfw0eg]Sixteen-Pound Put1ipfw0eg]
    An inflated bag is "put" for distance, as though it were shot from the shoulder.

    1ipfw0eg]Hold-‘Em Ball1ipfw0eg]
    The players stand in a semi-circle facing the man who is "It," at a distance of about ten yards. "It" throws a ball to any one of the players, calling "Hold-’em!" If the player misses he goes to the "low" end of the line. The ball is thus thrown back and forth between "It" and the others until "It" misses. Then he goes to the "low" end of the line and the man at the "high" end becomes "It." A soft ball is used.

    1ipfw0eg]Object-Passing Tag1ipfw0eg]
    Fugitives pass an object. If a handkerchief is the object used, "It" can tag only the person who is carrying the handkerchief. To free himself the player carrying the handkerchief hands (not throws) it to any other fugitive.

    Players scatter throughout the room. Leader blows several blasts on a whistle. If there are four blasts, the players must get into groups of four, hands joined and held high.

    1ipfw0eg]Baseball In Sacks1ipfw0eg]
    An ordinary game of baseball is played with each member wearing a sack.

    1ipfw0eg]Stand Wall Ball1ipfw0eg]
    This game requires a soft rubber or tennis ball and a high smooth wall or very high board fence. Before starting the game one of the players is selected to be "’Thrower."
    The players stand in front of, and at any distance chosen, from the wall. The Thrower throws the ball against the wall between two real or imaginary lines parallel to the ground. As he throws the ball, the Thrower calls the name or number of one of the players who must catch the ball either on the fly or first bounce. The others try to block him just as football players block each other from receiving a forward pass, but they are forbidden to touch the ball. When the player called fails to catch the ball the others scatter. He calls "Stand" when he picks up the ball. He takes aim and tries to hit a player. If he hits an individual they exchange places. If he fails he continues as Thrower.

    1ipfw0eg]Tractor Pull1ipfw0eg]
    The "tractor" kneels on hands and knees with a "driver" astride. The driver holds on with his legs. Two tractors back up to each other and the drivers reach back and grasp each others hands. On a signal, each tractor starts pulling in an effort to pull the other over a line or unseat the driver. Success in either attempt scores one point for the winner. Two points out of three wins the game.

    1ipfw0eg]Balloon Busting1ipfw0eg]
    Give each player a balloon, inflated to standard size. These are tied onto a rear belt loop of each player with a piece of string about 6" long. Each player has a newspaper which he rolls up tightly. The players pair off and on the signal, each player tries to burst his opponent’s balloon by hitting it with his newspaper, When half of the original players have busted balloons, the winning players again pair off. This continues until only one player remains.

    1ipfw0eg]Boxing Blindfolded1ipfw0eg]For this game, you need two pair of boxing gloves, two blindfolds and two people to prepare the two boxers. Take the two boys to the centre of the ring, let their gloves touch, back them up a couple of paces, turn them around and let them go to it. The referee can tap either opponent on either shoulder and he will swing in that direction. This continues until all the boys have had their Turn.

    1ipfw0eg]A Trip To Rome1ipfw0eg]
    The player who is "It" walks around saying, "I am going to Rome. Haven’t you a gift for me? The other players each hand him some awkward object, e.g. lamp, umbrella, shoes, cartons, coats. "It" must now walk across the room without dropping anything.

    1ipfw0eg]Poison Tag1ipfw0eg]
    The player who is "It" must keep his hand on the spot where he was tagged.

    1ipfw0eg]Folding Clothes1ipfw0eg]
    Boys remove their shirts and shoes, folding them neatly in a pile. They pretend to sleep, with the light turned out. When leader calls "Fire," all boys must dress in the dark and squat outside their corner. The first group finished wins.

    1ipfw0eg]Birds Fly1ipfw0eg]
    The leader tells the boys to flap their arms up and down when he names something that flies. When he mentions something that doesn’t fly, they must hold still. Those who make a mistake must drop out. To confuse things, the leader flaps his arms at every command. The commands should be given in quick succession, e.g. ducks fly, geese fly, pigs fly.

    1ipfw0eg]Ostrich Tag1ipfw0eg]
    To be safe, a player must stand with his right arm under his left knee (raised). The fingers of his right hand grasp his nose.

    1ipfw0eg]Wood Tag1ipfw0eg]
    The runner must touch wood to be safe.
    1ipfw0eg]Ball Tag1ipfw0eg]
    "It" must touch the other player by throwing a ball. "It" must pick up the ball himself after it has been thrown.

    1ipfw0eg]Blind Man Hop1ipfw0eg]
    This is played like Blind Man’s Bluff, except that all but the "blind man" must hop. Any player who puts both feet to the ground becomes the "blind man".

    1ipfw0eg]Catch The Snake1ipfw0eg]
    The snake is a piece of rope several yards long. One player who is "It" holds an end and drags the rope about, so that the snake writhes over the ground. The other players give chase and whoever succeeds in catching the snake becomes "It."

    A bucket is turned upside-down, partly buried to make it firm. On it place a pyramid of pebbles. The players throw pebbles or balls at the pyramid and the winner is the one who knocks the last pebble from the bucket.

    1ipfw0eg]Chinese Laundry1ipfw0eg]
    Hang small articles of clothing on a clothesline, fastening them with ordinary clothespegs. Players toss rings at the pegs. If they succeed in circling one, they win the suspended article.

    1ipfw0eg]Last Man Across1ipfw0eg]
    Players line up and race to the finish line. The slowest drops out. The others race back to the starting line. Again the slowest is eliminated. This continues until only one person remains. He is the winner.

    1ipfw0eg]One Out1ipfw0eg]
    Players stand behind a line about 40′ from a line of objects. These objects should be about 2′ apart and there should be one object less than the number of players. All players race toward the objects, trying to pick up one. The player who doesn’t get one, drops out and one object is discarded. This continues until only one player remains

    1ipfw0eg]The Midnight Game1ipfw0eg]
    Players acting as sheep are in a safety circle or fold at one end of the play area. The fox has a den in the opposite corner and comes out looking for food. The sheep come close, asking "What time is it?" They are safe until he says, "Midnight." Then they must escape to the safety circle before they are tagged.

    1ipfw0eg]Colour Blind1ipfw0eg]
    Put out all the lights and ask all players to find an object of a certain colour. Set a time limit, Points are awarded on basis of correctness of colour of objects collected.
    Variation: Try objects of different shapes — round, square, etc.

    1ipfw0eg]Dark Square1ipfw0eg]
    Mark a square on the floor about one yard square or use designated marks on floor (definite areas of tile design markings of basketball courts, etc.). Teams are at opposite ends of room and when lights are put out they must try to get all the team in the designated area. Set a definite count for duration lights are out and do not allow any movements after lights are switched on.

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