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    The Beaver program is designed around a framework of the following elements:

    Unit Name
    When a group of Beavers come together for a meeting, they are called a “Colony”

    Age group
    Beavers are children aged 5 to 7 years

    Beavers gather once a week for 1 to 1.5 hours per week, after school on week days or weekends. The meeting place may be called the “Pond”

    Meeting place
    Shall take place the the Partner/Sponsor facility, but may also be a regular outdoor area.

    Leadership Team
    This is the term given to a group of adults, men and women who are conduct the Beaver program on a weekly basis at the meeting place. The Leadership team may include a “Leader in Training (LIT) and a “Keeo” (Cub).

    Activity Groups
    The Beaver colony shall be divided into smaller groups called Lodges, and by ages (Tail groups).

    Major Focus
    The Beaver program primary emphasis shall include Sharing, cooperation, non-competitiveness, teamwork, Games, Playacting, Music and songs, Story telling, Outdoor activities, Craft making, and Spiritual fellowship (GAMSOCS)

    Meeting places are typically school gyms, local church or community center, or some other community group that wishes to provide a program for youth.

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