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    With the help of an adult, do the following:[list=1:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Explain: [list=a:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] The meaning of first aid[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] The meaning of medical aid[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] The three most important measures you must learn to save a life. [/*:m:36qhr09m][/list:o:36qhr09m][/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Do the following: [list=a:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Demonstrate rescue breathing[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Demonstrate first aid for a severe wound[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Show how to care for an unconscious person[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Show how to give first aid for a burn or scald[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Show how to give first aid for a wound that is bleeding[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Show how to stop a nose bleed[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Show what to do if your clothes or another person’s clothes catch fire[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Describe the signs of frost-bite and how to treat it[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Describe what to do if an insect or animal bites you or another person[/*:m:36qhr09m]
    [*:36qhr09m] Explain how to prevent and treat hypothermia and overheating [/*:m:36qhr09m][/list:o:36qhr09m][/*:m:36qhr09m][/list:o:36qhr09m]

    36qhr09m]NOTE:36qhr09m] Please refer to your local community first aid group for the most up to date directions on how to provide first aid.

    36qhr09m]Note:36qhr09m] Direct human contact (human to human) is not required for Cubs practicing rescue breathing. You can get more information from the local office of St. John Ambulance or The Canadian Red Cross that serves your area.



    18vdyti8]Here are some resources to help you earn this badge.18vdyti8]

    Kid’s Health – First Aid and Safety

    Frost Bite


    St. John’s Ambulance

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