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    With the help of an adult, do any seven of the following:[list=1:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Show how to use the kitchen stove or microwave oven safely, and then make tea, coffee, cocoa, soup or cook an egg. [/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Set a table for a two course meal for your family. [/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Know how to load and operate a dishwasher, of show the proper way to wash dishes by hand. [/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Clean windows and mop a floor.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Make a bed and clean and tidy a room.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Vacuum a rug.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Show the correct way to answer callers at the door and on the telephone, and show how to pass on a message.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Wash and dry a load of laundry and iron your neckerchief.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Show how to recycle, compost and dispose of household garbage. [/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Sew on a badge and a button.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Discuss how to properly dispose of household toxic waste such as paint, oil, paint thinner, old medicine, cleaners and batteries. [/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Wash an automobile.[/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Keep an entrance to a home clear of snow for one month. [/*:m:1hi16zk5]
    [*:1hi16zk5] Water a lawn or garden for one month. [/*:m:1hi16zk5][/list:o:1hi16zk5]



    33rdfcgp]Here are some resources to help you earn this badge.33rdfcgp]

    Kitchen and Stove Safety … ove_Safety

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