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    Do any four of the following:[list=1:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Recognize the International Symbol of Accessibility and point out places where this sign is found. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Discuss with your leader how building entrances, water fountains, elevators, public telephones and washrooms, and sidewalk corner curbs can be made more accessible to persons in wheelchairs. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Visit your library and find out how books are made available for visually impaired people. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Meet with a social worker, agency representative or knowledgeable adult as to what services are available in your community to people with various disabilities. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Talk to your gym teacher, Parks and Recreation department or leader about how disabled persons participate and compete in various sports. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Talk to a representative from the phone company; TV station or other knowledgeable adult about what services are available for the hearing impaired. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Find out what American Sign Language (ASL) is. Learn some sign language and how to sign your name. [/*:m:2khdm7bp]
    [*:2khdm7bp] Where possible, meet with a disabled person and talk about that person’s personal interests and activities. [/*:m:2khdm7bp][/list:o:2khdm7bp]



    27pc7dlf]Here are some resources to help you earn this badge.27pc7dlf]

    Internation Symbol of Accessibility
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internatio … essibility

    American Sign-Language

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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