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    [list=1:3cswb4ed][*:3cswb4ed] Own or have access to, and use an approved bicycling helmet while earning this badge. Explain how to tell if a helmet is approved for bicycling. [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Have the use of a bicycle that is the right size for you and conduct the following safety check: [list=a:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check lights, reflectors, pedals, seat, horn or bell for good working condition [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check handle grips for tightness [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check steering assembly for tightness [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check tires for air pressure and cuts [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check all nuts and bolts for tightness [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check chain for tightness and properly oil the chain [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Check wheels for wobbles and broken spokes [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Show how to keep the bike clean[/*:m:3cswb4ed][/list:o:3cswb4ed][/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Explain the meaning of the following street signs or signals and how to properly respond: [list=a:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Stop sign [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Yield sign [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Pedestrian crosswalk sign [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Colours of a traffic light [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Railway crossing sign [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] One way sign [/*:m:3cswb4ed][/list:o:3cswb4ed][/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] In a safe, off-road area, demonstrate the following skills: [list=a:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Start, stop and pedal smoothly [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Ride in a straight line [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Riding in traffic? Do a shoulder check: while riding in a straight line, look back over your shoulder for a few seconds. Be able to ride in a straight line while looking back and tell your leader what you saw [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Hand signals for left turn, right turn and stop [/*:m:3cswb4ed][/list:o:3cswb4ed][/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Explain why you should stop and check for traffic before riding out of your driveway and know what side of the road to ride on. [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Explain how to make yourself more visible at night by wearing bright and reflective clothing, use of bike reflectors and lights. [/*:m:3cswb4ed]
    [*:3cswb4ed] Explain other bicycling safety tips such as riding in wet weather, avoiding road hazards such as holes and grates, avoiding car doors, and how to lock your bike.[/*:m:3cswb4ed][/list:o:3cswb4ed]

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