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    Pathfinder Outdoor Skills Requirement #12

    Demonstrate proper disposal of cooking residues, grey water and body waste.

    Welcome to the 1st Stittsville Scout Group Chief Scout program resource forum. Over the past few years our 1st Stittsville Scout sections have been developing program activities that are intended to address the requirements for the Chief Chief Scout Award.

    The information presented in this forum are ideas that have been run by our Troop sections as well as ideas that have been collected from other scout groups within Canada.

    The Chief Scout Award is the highest award that scout aged youth can earn across Canada and brings National Level recognition to the youth. This URL provides a small background to the Chief Scout Award

    Please feel free to download these program ideas for your own use.

    If you have other program ideas for this requirement that you would like to share, please email and they will be published at this forum.

    8s0cno37]Much of the program resources that were used to research teaching this requirement were drawn from two resources:
    1. The excellent “Boy Scouts of America Web” … Trace.aspx
    2. The LNT “Educators program” kit that I purchased from Leave No Trace.

    There are lots of program resources that were compiled, but in the end it came down to the following items that really made this program requirement work.
    [list:8s0cno37]1. Lots of outdoor program activities where LNT was practiced by the youth
    2. Running presentations with interactive question and answer discussions in our regular meeting place at at discussions around the camp fire
    3. Having the scout youth test themselves with our own “home made” program “LNT-Test”. There are two “LNT-test” documents. One has the answers included and the other contains just the questions. .[/list:u:8s0cno37]
    Attachment: Leave no Trace-long-presentation.ppt
    Attachment: LNT-test.doc
    Attachment: req17-LNT-3-Dispose-of-waste-Properly.doc
    Attachment: req17-LNT-2-Travel-Camp-on-Durable-Surfaces.doc
    Attachment: req17-LNT-1-Plan-ahead-and-prepare.doc
    Attachment: WHY LEAVE NO TRACE.doc
    Attachment: manual-dish-washing.pdf
    Attachment: Stoves&CampCleanup.pdf
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