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    Hi Folks,

    1st Stittsville Scout Group has completed the third year of running the “Chief Scout Award” program. The Chief Scout’s Award is the highest award which can be achieved at the Scout level in Scouts Canada.

    This program take between 2 and 3 years to complete and successful candidates will have the award presented to them by the Governor General of Canada.

    This program is optional and does not require any commitment, however we are encouraging the youth to participate as it is something that the Stittsville Troop sections will be using during the 2009/2010 program year. Each Troop section will be adding components of the Chief Scout Award into their yearly program and surprise the youth later in the year with how many of the badges / requirements have been achieved and demonstrate how far along they have progressed to earning the Chief Scout Award.

    [u:3jz2z5aj]3jz2z5aj]CHIEF SCOUT AWARD3jz2z5aj][/u:3jz2z5aj]
    In order to earn this award a Scout must earn the Voyageur and Pathfinder Activity Awards which require the Scout to develop citizenship, leadership, personal development and outdoor skills, as well as earn Challenge badges in each of the seven categories (athletics, outdoors, home and family, personal development, science and technology, culture and society, and environment).

    Successful Chief Scout candidates must also:
    [list:3jz2z5aj][color=green:3jz2z5aj]3jz2z5aj]1. Gain qualification in Standard First Aid
    2. Gain the World Conservation Badge,
    3. Investigate and present findings on Scouts Canada’s involvement in World Scouting
    4. Design a challenging program which will require the Scout to excel in each of the four activity areas
    5. Gain at least 30 hours of additional service to others over 3 years (above that specified in Voyageur and Pathfinder)
    6. Achieve the “Year Round Camping” Award.
    A list of all of the requirements can be found in the Scout Handbook and online at this URL:
    Attachment: Chief Scout Badge Program.ppt
    Attachment: Chief Scout Badge Program-teaser.ppt
    Attachment: Stittsville Chief Scout Award Tracking Spreadsheet-Template-March2011.xls
    Attachment: Chief Scout Award – Template.doc
    Attachment: Scout Badge Program-v02.ppt
    Attachment: Pathfinder_Complete.pdf
    Attachment: PathfinderPersonalDevelopment.pdf
    Attachment: PathfinderOutdoorSkills.pdf
    Attachment: PathfinderLeadership.pdf
    Attachment: PathfinderCitizenship.pdf
    Attachment: Voyageur_Complete.pdf
    Attachment: VoyageurPersonalDevelopment.pdf
    Attachment: VoyageurOutdoorSkills.pdf
    Attachment: VoyageurLeadership.pdf
    Attachment: VoyageurCitizenship.pdf


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