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    Welcome to the 1st Stittsville Scout Group “Year Round Camping” Award forum. The “Year Round Camping” Award is a mandatory part of the Scouts Canada “Chief Scout Award”.

    As the Stittsville Scout sections are running the “Chief Scouts Award”, we have developed a requirements matrix so that our leaders can coach the youth to earn the three season camping badges by planning program activities which follow the Voyageur and Pathfinder Outdoor Skills and Leadership skills requirements.

    Program ideas that our scout groups used for earning the “Year Round Camping” Award are listed as follows:

    The requirements for the “Year Round Camping” Award are:

    • Complete the following requirements for the Fall, Winter and Summer Badge¬†

    1. You must spend at least two nights in tents or other temporary shelter.
    2. As a patrol, for each camp you must:
    2a. Obtain written parental permission to camp;
    2b. Select the campsite and obtain permission to use it;
    2c. Arrange transportation. If you use a vehicle, you must travel the last kilometre on foot and carry in all your gear with your patrol members;
    2d. Develop a menu and buy the food you need;
    2e. Prepare the patrol camping equipment suitable for the season; and
    2f. Plan the program activities for the camp.
    3. Get the approval of your Troop Scouter or Patrol Counsellor for all of your actions related to the items in #2.
    4. Evaluate each camp with a Scouter within two weeks of the camp. Discuss your preparations, camp outcomes and Leave No Trace actions.

    **NOTE 1**
    Requirement¬†“Obtain written parental permission to camp” is not something our Scout groups require the scout youth to provide. We consider payment by the parents as adequate consent for their youth to attend our scout camps along with an updated Physical Fitness form if one is required.

    Notice to the parents is provided after GC approval of the Emergency/Action Plan for the camp AND adequate notice of the camping event to parents.
    Attachment: All-Year-Round-Camper-Award-Requirements.pdf
    Attachment: All-Year-Round-Camper-Award-Requirements.xls

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