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    [size=150:5lyu5eou]5lyu5eou]Blind Tom Obstacle Race5lyu5eou] [/size:5lyu5eou]
    From: (Dan Mott)

    – Many Obstacles
    – 6 Blindfolds

    Select four to six scouts, who are lined up at one end of the room. Place obstacles on the Floor: a pile of books, an overturned chair, bottles, a lamp etc. Instruct the players to memorize the position of each object. The scouts who are the players then face the wall and are blindfolded. While this being done, the obstacles are quietly being removed. The players are then turned around and told to walk to the opposite wall without colliding with any obstacles. Clever suggestions can be offered by the scout leader to make it more interesting. Have one of the waiters try the course; only leave some obstacles.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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