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    wmh5gbz4][size=150:wmh5gbz4]THEME: [color=green:wmh5gbz4]”BIKE RIDE TO CARLETON PLACE WITH TRAILCRAFT”[/color:wmh5gbz4][/size:wmh5gbz4]wmh5gbz4]

    wmh5gbz4]OBJECTIVE:wmh5gbz4] Spend six hours in an outdoor setting. This outdoor activity shall involve cycling from Stittsville to Carleton Place and then back to Stittsville. On the return leg the scouts will conduct a trailcraft activity to identify Trees and Wildlife habitats. The bike ride will be 43Km in length and along the route the scouts will identify habitats, trees and shrubs on the Canada Trail.

    wmh5gbz4]TEACHING RESOURCES:wmh5gbz4] Trail maps. Animal / plant / bird identification sheets. Leave no trace checklist. Field Guides for wildlife and tree/shrub identification

    wmh5gbz4]MISC RESOURCES:wmh5gbz4] Small day packs, pens/papers for documenting wildlife and trees/shrubs, spare bike pump, bicycle repair kits

    wmh5gbz4]LEADER PREPARATION:wmh5gbz4] Leaders must have outdoor skills experience in Leave No Trace and must be familiar with tree/wildlife habitat identification.

    wmh5gbz4][u:wmh5gbz4]High Level Overview.[/u:wmh5gbz4]wmh5gbz4]
    [list:wmh5gbz4]1. wmh5gbz4][color=red:wmh5gbz4]Activity start time: 10:00AM. Activity End time: 4:00PM[/color:wmh5gbz4]wmh5gbz4].
    2. Arrive off at Scouter Paul’s home at 38 Greenhaven Crescent wmh5gbz4][color=red:wmh5gbz4]no later than 9:30AM[/color:wmh5gbz4]. wmh5gbz4](click on this link) … CBsQ8gEwAA
    2. Bike and Equipment inspection. wmh5gbz4][color=red:wmh5gbz4]Bike helmets are mandatory and bikes must have working brakes and be in good shape[/color:wmh5gbz4]wmh5gbz4].
    3. Depart at 10:00AM and bike 21.5Km on the Canada Trail to Tim Horton’s in Carelton Place.
    4. Hot Chocolate refreshement shall be taken at the Tim Horton’s restaurent
    5. Departing Tim Horton’s and ride back on the Canada Trail to Stittsville.
    6. Stop at Ashton Station on the ride back and speak to the Troop Environmental Code of Conduct and LNT principles.
    6. Scouts break for lunch and then perform habitat / wildlife / trees/shrub identification.
    7. Complete bike ride back to Stittsville.[/list:u:wmh5gbz4]
    wmh5gbz4]COST TO PARENTS: wmh5gbz4]
    [color=red:wmh5gbz4]1. Packed lunch
    2. $2 for Hot Chocolate drink at Tim Horton’s restaurent
    3. Ensure your youth is dressed appropriately for the weather [/color:wmh5gbz4]

    wmh5gbz4]YOUTH PREPARATION:wmh5gbz4]
    1. Dress appropriately for the weather
    2. Day pack containing (a) Water bottle (b) Packed lunch (c) Gloves (d) Spare clothing (e) Lightweight waterproof gear in case of rain (f) Pencil

    If any scout youth cannot complete this activity either through equipment failure or from fatigue, the following procedures will apply.
    1. Pick up points will be at the following locations (a) Jinkenson Side Road (b) Dwyer Hill (c) Ashton Station (d) Tim Horton’s in Carleton Place
    2. Scout leaders shall contact the parents and advise of the pick up location.

    wmh5gbz4]CHIEF SCOUT REQUIREMENTS:wmh5gbz4]
    This activity will cover the following requirements.
    1. 1 x 6 hour activity
    2. Tree identification
    3. Habitat Identification
    4. Elements of Leave No Trace education
    Attachment: Delta_Carleton_area_Biking_Action_Plan_v003.doc
    Attachment: Bike Ride Route.pdf

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