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    Beaver Booklets

    This is a program activity for Beavers of all tails and intended to run over many months within a Beaver program year.

    These Beaver booklets are designed to stimulate within your child the ability to experience initiative, responsibility, and experience the rewards from achieving goals. Through the elective practices set out in this booklet, we hope to build greater confidence, self esteem and expose your child to a set of values that will help them appreciate better the value of the world and their place within it.

    There are three booklets…and an addendum to enhance these booklets attached below…

    • Brown Tail Booklet
    • Blue Tail Booklet
    • White Tail Booklet
    • Booklet Addendums

    The first booklet in this series was the White Tail booklet. The idea behind this booklet was to challenge White Tail beaver youth to step up an extra notch and display additional initiative and responsibility. The goal of this endeavour was to prepare White tail youth for their swim up to Cubs.

    Feedback from parents told us that similar booklets for the younger beaver aged youth (Blue and Brown Tail) were of interest.

    All three booklets follow similar themes, in that the beaver will be asked to demonstrate tasks at the colony meetings, and then demonstrate values and actions of virtue within the home.

    Each booklet is divided into two parts.

    • Part 1 Outlines elective responsibilities and leadership goals within the colony.
    • Part 2 Outlines the elective responsibilities and leadership goals within the home that you as parents may choose to set for your child

    This program is run by parents and beaver leaders setting the challenges for their beaver youth. When each beaver youth accomplishes their target goals, a ‘campfire blanket’ badge is awarded as recognition of their achievements. Through setting goals, achievement and badge award, this booklet helps build initiative, self esteem and value through reward.

    Each page of the workbooks focuses on a single topic and either asks questions or challenges the Beaver to some action. As a parent, you can guide your Beaver in the right direction but please allow them to find the answers. Try the library or school resources, or the internet with your guidance to find the answers. Each page when it is completed should be signed by an adult. Try to complete one page each week and bring the workbook to each Beaver meeting so the leaders may look at it.

    As an added bonus of this program, colony leaders can build additional activities into their yearly programs as a result of the ideas in this booklet.

    For example: There is a “recycle” challenge in the booklet, and colonies are now adding a ‘recycle’ activity to their meeting nights. In doing this, the beaver youth gain credit for this particular challenge by learning about the recycling program in a fun and entertaining environment.


    In addition to the positive feedback from parents around these booklets, several ideas have been generated by parents, asking that additional challenges be added to their child’s program. These challenges are listed below:

    • Canadian License plate identification
    • Morning Routines
    • Evening Routines
    • Rummaging around the house for odd items
    • Scavenger hunting around the house
    • Make-A-Wish (now you can see you wish as you make it!)
    • Spy Crafts – Think you’re a spy? (Invisible Ink and writing in secret code)
    • Preparing for a sleepover
    • Make a craft for someone special
    • Setting the dinner table for your parents

    Have fun!
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    Attachment: WhiteTail_Booklet.pdf
    Attachment: BlueTail_Booklet.pdf
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