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    [list=1:3k2me9ye][*:3k2me9ye] Show the proper way to sit, stand, walk, and run. Learn how to take your pulse rate before and after exercise. [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] Explain to an adult and your six the importance of diet, sleep, and exercise to the development of your body. [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] Take part in an ongoing personal fitness program. Explain the importance of warm-up and cool down exercises. [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] Demonstrate your best in any seven (7) of the following: [list=a:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a 50 meter run [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a 200 meter run [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a running high jump [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a running long jump [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a standing long jump [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] sit-ups [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] push-ups [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a rope or pole climb [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a baseball or Frisbee throw [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] a long distance run [/*:m:3k2me9ye]
    [*:3k2me9ye] rope skipping[/*:m:3k2me9ye][/list:o:3k2me9ye][/*:m:3k2me9ye][/list:o:3k2me9ye]

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