Emergency Plans

This page provides 1st Stittsville Scout Leaders with templates and instructions for Emergency planning. These templates provide  a means to identify the participants in an activity away from regular meeting spot; assess the risks that may be associated with the activity and to develop an action plan to follow in the event of an emergency.  These templates are not a replacement for Scouts Canada BP&P procedures; but instead, are intended to supplement the BP&P information available on the Scout Canada web site.

Risk Planning Categories


Category  Template  Type of Event
Green  Green Activity Template All local “Blue Sky” (outdoor) events. Indoor events do not require forms unless they entail some additional risk or a sports activity where safety equipment is required (e.g. rock climbing).  Note that low risk indoor activities do not require emergency plans, including:  tours and visits, Retirement homes, Home Depot, TV/Radio stations, Local museums, police statiion, fire stations, food banks, etc.Fund Raising/Awareness activities Bottle Drive, Popcorn Drive, Carol Singing, Apple Day, Scouttrees etc… MAY require the green template
Yellow  Yellow Outdoor Template All events away from your regular meeting spot, including hikes, geo-caching, city clean-up activities, orienteering, etc.
 Yellow  Yellow Sports Template Any event which involve safety equipment.  Examples include: Snow shoeing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice skating, Ice Hockey, Snow Tubing, tobogganing, Ice Broom-Ball, Rocket firing, campfires and cooking etc.
Also includes one day events, such as Klondike Derby, Beaveree/Cuboree, Night Prowls and water activities such as swimming and canoe skill training
 Yellow  Yellow Camping Template Short term camping involving 2 nights or less
 Yellow  Yellow Sleepover Template  Any one night sleepover event
Red Unique Template There are no templates provided.   Any high risk activity including:  Shooting Activities, Archery (Long bow/Crossbow), Rifle Range Shooting, throwing activities, low and high ropes, zip-lining, scuba diving, power boating, water tubing, white water activities.  Also required for long term camps ( more than 3 nights)

You can use the templates below as a starting point for creating your own emergency plans.  Be sure to read, understand and customize the template for the risks associated with your specific activity.  In particular, customize and update all RED text in the template to make it suitable for your activity.   Blue text covers sections specifically covered from BP&P Emergency Planning forms.

All completed Emergency Plans must be submitted to the Group Commissioner for approval.  The approved copy should be forwarded to all leaders attending an event.

After your Emergency Plan has been approved, please send a copy to your Web Master, so that it can be added to the online Emergency Plan Library.

Emergency Plan Templates

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Emergency Plan Library

Several previously completed and approved 1st Stittsville Emergency Plans are available at the link below.  These can be used as a starting point for creating an emergency plan for your event.

Browse the file folders below to view library of sample Emergency Plans.  These files are only visible to 1st Stittsville Scouters who have an account on this website.  You must first Login to see these files.

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