Carleton Area Camporee 2015

At the Movies

May 22 – 24, 2015
Fitzroy Provincial Park

This page contains information for Scout Leaders who are participating in the 2015 At the Movies Camporee.  It provides the information that the Scout Groups within Carleton Area require, to plan a successful camp.  Information for parents will be provided by the individual Groups, and is not included on this page.

Welcome to Carleton Area Camporee!

Welcome to the Carleton Area At The Movies Spring Camp.  Please come join your fellow Scout groups for a weekend of fun, challenges, and friendships at Fitzroy Provincial Park.  There will be games galore, challenges set and awards to be won during the weekend activities.  All participants shall receive a camp crest and T-shirt.

Scout groups are requested to pick an activity/game ahead of time and submit it to the camp organizers and then arrive at camp with their team of experts to be ready to give his or her best.  All Scout groups are encouraged to decorate their campsite, provide interesting activities and dress in attire that represents the At The Movies Theme.

Camp activities will commence Friday evening and finish with a Closing Ceremony on Sunday morning.

Group Registration Information

All Scout Groups within Carleton Area are responsible for coordinating the camp registration for their sections, and providing registration numbers and money to the Camporee Registrar.  The documents below are provided for Scout Leaders,  to assist them with the registration process.

Registrations must be submitted to Camp Registrar before Sunday March 29, 2015.

Note:  These registration documents should only be used by Carleton Area Scout Leaders, to register their sections.  Parents will be provided with different mechanism for registering their youth. 

1st Stittsville Parents:  Parents whose youth are in any 1st Stittsville Scout Group section should register using the online registration tool, available HERE.

Group Registration Documents (For Scout Leaders, Not Parents)